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Welcome! I am glad to hear that you are interested in an e53. Like you said low mileage 4.8 or 4.6 are hard to come by. It is likely that you will find vehicles with high mileage and that have been driven. Like you noted the suspension and trans. have known issues. I recently replaced my trans. for around 7-8k (4.8 at about 110k miles)! This is something to watch out for along with the suspension. Definitely take it in to a third party shop and have them look over it. If the trans. has been replaced that will no longer be an issue for a long long time. If you dont find a vehicle with a new trans then make sure the fluids have been regularly serviced. The suspension is very tough to deal with though. So make sure there is no leaks! Also you may have read that these cars have terrible depreciation so you will ost likely drive this car into the ground.

Let me know what you think
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