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Originally Posted by PersonaNonGrata View Post
Very creative! Obviously you're willing to give up your center vents. I couldn't do that. What about a similar thing but a hump on the dash above the center vents?
Thanks! I originally wanted to have vents incorporated to the long flat area below the screen, but I am going to have cables behind there. There might be enough room though, I'll have to see once the GPS is in there. A hump on the dashboard might work, but you would have wires running up to it, unless you cut a hole in the dash, which I would not do.

Originally Posted by nigwhyrito View Post
Cool project but curious about the project the magellan roadmate updates it maps through sd card right. I have a roadmate cant remember the model. How are you going to get to the sd port. Did you already cut the holes?
Thanks, the 1700 updates through a mini USB port on the bottom, so that shouldn't be an issue. It will be removable though, probably by a couple clips inside that hold it up against the opening. I'd like to replace it with a 7" Android tablet in the future, but am waiting until I find one with backup camera support.
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