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Originally Posted by relentlessone View Post
Thank you. It really is a lot of work. The one I made for my E46 took at least 30 hours. I have thought about a carputer, but I just don't have the need for it yet. This setup will have GPS and a backup cam, and I have a Dice unit for my music, so that about covers it for now.

Do you have any pics of your 540 bezel?
Sorry, I looked but can't find them anymore. Basically I bought a basic bezel off ebay (I think it was for a single DIN head unit) just to get the rectangle shape. I cut out a giant hole for the 7" Xenarc touch screen. To mold everything together I didn't use bondo but rather Duramix (used by body shops to fix plastic bumpers) and then sanded it down just like bondo to get a smooth texture. Next I used SEM texture paint to try to match the texture of the interior plastic

There were three hard parts. First was grafting the screen controls seemlessly into the bezel (power, input selector, etc) second was adding and subtracting plastic to the inside rectangle of the bezel so it would fit the screen perfectly and third was trying to get the curvs right without high or low spots.
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