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Originally Posted by FSETH View Post
Have you been happy with your Q5? Now that I sold off our e53, I have realized that our Volvo s60 may not be big enough for my growing family. I never realized how cramped the back seat is in that vehicle. The leg room is much less than you would expect, which means less room for rear facing car seats and such. The s60 is a company vehicle that also serves as the primary family car (my wife's boss is awesome like that) seeing as I baby my e46 M3 and it has two doors and all. There may be a time in the near future where I have to suck it up and get a larger car. I was actually starting to look at the Q5 and A4 Avant. Never would have thought I would consider a wagon, but the A4 Avant looks pretty good, imo, has all wheel drive and gets much better gas mileage than most SUV's.
I'm very happy with the Q5, but I don't have kids so I can't comment on child seats etc. I can say confidently though that it will haul 3 adults all over 6 feet tall with all of there ski gear from central NJ to Vermont and back and everyone was comfortable. I bought a hitch mount ski rack (Thule) for the skis and boards so they were outside the vehicle, but the rest was inside. I'm averaging about 24MPG on my 80 mile round trip commute every day, the torque and 8 speed tranny work great. The nav system blows, but other than that I have no complaints.

By comparison, a friend bought an X3 around the same time that I bought my Q5 and she's having electrical issues. And yes, I know that all manufacturers have problems, I'm just giving you more info.
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