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Frustrating headlight problem!

For a couple of months now I have had a problem with my passenger side headlight adjusting itself. My adaptive headlight feature doesn't work at all on my driver side and it doesn't do anything at all. The passenger side, once in a while, goes up and down when turned on and sometimes it doesn't. I don't know what causes this to happen but I've run out of things to check. Maybe i'm missing something. The main issue I have is the light adjusting itself real high or low. If it's high I'll just stop and readjust it for the rest of my drive. Then when I get back in, it will do its up and down thing but this time it will be too low. It doesn't wan't to stay at one place! I haven't replaced anything and I have checked the front sensor on the arm and basically that's it because I'm not sure exactly where the other components are that controls the adaptive feature. Also no error code and I went and checked it at a local parts store with their code scanner and didn't find anything with that too. I keep reading about headlight problems, but they are usually for a different issue. Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated.


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