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Originally Posted by hna2195 View Post
My MKIV for some reason losses power (I think that is what is happening), I get blank screen, I can see the backlit of the screen though, I cannot eject the DVD from the unit, but if I unplug/plug the 2 cables in the back, then it turns on, the acknowledge screen shows up and it is all fine, then I turn off the car, and comeback to it later, and it is blank screen again. I do the routine all over and it is fine again...
Not sure whats going on, has anyone encounter similar situation, I searched all forums, but nothing.
I've heard of this one before, it sounds like the +12v direct power either in the plug or on the socket (main board), is either not connecting properly or you have dry joint/cracked solder.

Check the plug for the pins and make sure they are all good, and then check the solder on the blue plug (you will need to open the mk4 to do this).

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