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Navigation retrofit question

So I read the retrofit manual and posts by jpuma.
My question is: 1. if you start the retrofit but dont complete it. Is it okay to still drive the X?

For example: I finish installing the bord monitor but the b53 is not installed. Or I install the mk4 but dont install the bm53. Or finally i got the bord and bm53 installed but the MKIV iis not installed.

Im worried about running out of time and then just picking off where I left at. Will the X start and still be drivable if one or any of the navigation components are missing. Will I damage anything if i just dont put the fuses in for the navi and cigar lighters.
E53 06 3.0i

Comfort Seats
speckdock 2.5
air suspension

skid plate replica - in box
OEM sunroof deflector
OEM bluetooth streaming
navi,dsp,tv retrofit - wip
Low prof roof racks
2 directtv satelite tuners
Grom audio usb2
quarter and back window sunshades
2 10"subs- boxes opposite sides/Alp MRP-M850
rear heated seats retrofit
rear footwell lights retrofit
remote window roll up
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