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Hey Gmoney,

It's a mixed bag I think. There are a few of us who would sever a limb for one (ok, maybe an exaggeration but you get my point) but not many of us, so the few manual X5's that pop up for sale get snapped up very quickly. On the other hand, once a dealer has one that is a stick, it better be in darn good shape, because we want the good ones so that they'll last.

The one I flew 1200 miles for last month was out of the ordinary due to it's condition and miles, so it was a must have...but there's one 50 miles from me that's been for sale for months and won't end up in the hands of a true enthusiast...some kid will get it - because it's been molested and has high miles.

Kind of like my yellow M3...not many people would want it but the few that do would sever one of MY limbs to get it!!
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