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I have one! its an '03 premium in Sienna red metallic with 82k.

I bought it last year while I was still living in boston. I had a forester that was more trouble than it was worth, so I wanted to find an AWD car, that had room in the back for my dog, and stick. I was looking for a car for about 2 weeks. I had no idea that a stick X5 even existed but somehow I got onto autotrader, saw a stick X3, and then searched with the parameters "BMW" "SUV body style" "manual trans" and this x5 popped up 5 miles from my house. I paid 14k for it with 67k on the clock. It was VERY clean inside, pretty good condition on the outside with some scratches here and there. It was listed for $16k but sat for 5 weeks until I bought it.

How much did you guys all pay for yours? I kinda want to get rid of mine now that I live in CA, but I don't want to lose money either. I really, really want an e39 touring with the 6spd v8, or an E46 M3.

I can't post my pic for some reason. Here's a hotlink to it:

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