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Originally Posted by pbe gummi bear View Post
I have one! its an '03 premium in Sienna red metallic with 82k.

I bought it last year while I was still living in boston. I had a forester that was more trouble than it was worth, so I wanted to find an AWD car, that had room in the back for my dog, and stick. I was looking for a car for about 2 weeks. I had no idea that a stick X5 even existed but somehow I got onto autotrader, saw a stick X3, and then searched with the parameters "BMW" "SUV body style" "manual trans" and this x5 popped up 5 miles from my house. I paid 14k for it with 67k on the clock. It was VERY clean inside, pretty good condition on the outside with some scratches here and there. It was listed for $16k but sat for 5 weeks until I bought it.

How much did you guys all pay for yours? I kinda want to get rid of mine now that I live in CA, but I don't want to lose money either. I really, really want an e39 touring with the 6spd v8, or an E46 M3.

I can't post my pic for some reason. Here's a hotlink to it:

looks like a clean car and the first red one i've seen with a manual!

and nice job finding it so close to your house, looks like it was meant to be!

I paid 15k for mine in December, from a guy in Yonkers, NY (about an hour from my house). It has premium, sport, cold weather packages, everything but navigation basically, and had 59k on the clock.

the e53 manual is rare, so keep it if you love it, but an m3 or e39 would be wondrous as well. I need the AWD for these Jersey winters (or lack thereof this year!)
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