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My 3.0

Hi Everyone:

I actually ended up here because I purchased a 2002 x5 3.0 5-speed with 92k miles about a year ago, and I've been having nothing but problems. I bought the x5 because someone stole my trusty 1999 Acura Integra and basically tore it to hell.

Seems like the only good thing about my ownership so far is that the initial cost was $9,200.

A failing water pump, cracked radiator housing, broken tensioners, and two destroyed window regulators later, i'm out about $1,300 and not very happy.

I'm glad I found this board though. Ya'll article coupled with a youtube video helped put in the last window regulator and saved $320 over the dealer quote.

Now I'm looking to change my tranny fluid as gear shifts are starting to make an ever increasing 'whining' noise...

Overall opinion of my x5 ownership = a combination of sighs and "what the f$$k now".

here's a pic.

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