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Originally Posted by nigwhyrito View Post
Another NAV question with pics for anyone...
1. Does it matter if the main audio connector is cracked and all the connectors are separate? is it possible to just get the outside plastic piece?
I would not recommend using the broken plug mate.

Get hold of an SOT lead off ebay (SOT-076, $15) and then cut and solder the new plug on, the smaller white and black 12pin plugs will go into the new plug without soldering or modding, so should the speaker (8pin part), that will just slot into the new one (take the other one out obviously).

The only soldering should be the power, switched power, gnd, Tel-on, I-Bus and a couple of others.

2. How do you tell the difference in the dsp amps. which is better for an 06 e53(phillips,loews,Alpine,Lear) I see a ton on ebay.
Don't know.
3. The red nav connector from my research is only for an mkIII? Does the MkIV need it? if it does need it where does it go.
Yes, the burgundy plug is used on both mk3 and mk4, its holds the speed sensor signal and the reversing signal, you will need them for accurate GPS location on the map, you can run the nav without them, but you will be working on GPS dead reckoning, which (thanks to the US military), is not 100% accurate.

I didnt buy a retrofit cable I bought the oem harness from an 05 with nav and DSP.
Thats going to be a problem then mate, the two looms are not the same. you can use the OEM loom but its a shit load more work, as you will need to run all the speakers wires too, and it will want to plug into plugs your car wont have.... so don't bother with it.

Sell it and get the proper retrofit loom.

thanks for your assistance
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