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Originally Posted by nigwhyrito View Post
Thanks for the input ccfj1

I will take your advice and order that plastic housing (SOT) off ebay

As for the OEM harness. You say sell it. thats the part im not understanding.

I thought the OEm loom was the proper harness for what Im trying to do.
Only when fitted from factory mate.

I am adding DSP and navigation to my car. I looked at the loom I have and I think i figured out where everything plugs in at.. 3 plugs for dsp amp + coaxial cable 1 or 2 cd changer plugs,DSP subwoofer BM53 plugs ( which i have to order the part for.What appears to be the fm radio tuner connector ) the seller even sent his blutooth harness even though i already have that.
It will have the correct plugs for adding what was in the doner car but your car may not have them, basically it will be a strip the radio loom out and replace it with the OEM loom.

It will probably require a interior strip out and maybe even all the doorcards off and some of the dash out.

I think I can make it work if i use the WDS site and the wisdom from this site.
If man can make it man can re-make it.

Besides I got it for a great price 140 bucks shipped. and its only 1 year older than my car. + 15 bucks now for new connector compared to retrofit harness price of 500 bucks.
By the end of it you will wish you had stumped it up mate, but good luck.

I will use the wds site to track down where the wheel speed sensor is in my vehicle.
From the binnical (on the retrofit loom).

But you are right it will be alot of work. Im prepared to take my seats outs and take about weeks vacation ..
Fair enough.

I just wish i knew what dsp amp to buy.
Sorry cant help with that I have a alpine imprint in mine.
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