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Hey Ricky Bobby, what transmission fluid are you going with on your X? I'm trying to decide on which to use.

My "Lifetime" tranny fluid at 115K feels pretty worn. Its getting notchy, feels like it sticks a bit, and I really have to baby it when its cold. If your not doing a soft 2nd start when cold, you really have to jump from 1st to 2nd gear(as you all know), and the ol girl doesn't like it one bit. I'm in a pretty cold region in northern Utah. Park City on weekends during ski season.

For everyone, I'm interested on opinions/experiences from using an aftermarket fluid vs oem fluid. On my e36 I used mobile one synthetic mixed with lucas synthetic additive and loved it, but on a more modern manual tranny that I think calls for something closer to ATF fluid and not typical MT fluid, I'm a little in the woods.

Not to hijack the thread, I'm just interested on what other people are running in their manual X. Glad to be part of this crew.
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