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OK Here is my update, its still not working but I am yet to make my adaptor for Navcoder as Navcoder is not working with my ODBII cable.


I can successfully see the TCU in ,INPA, NCSExpert and SSS Progman V32.

I can code the TCU Module in SSS and NCS Expert. I can change settings in INPA.

The current status is:

Bluetooth is active
If I press the R/T button I get a message "Please Wait"
There is a red flashing light on the MID.

I opened up the TCU after getting frustrated and found at UK sim Card in it. I removed this but with no change. I then removed the "Sony Ericsson" GSM Module from the TCU and now the Red Light is Solid On, however I still get the Please wait message.

After reading the error codes it would give an occasional a message about the GSM Antenna not being connected. I am about to get an adaptor cable to connect from the TCU to the GSM in case this is causing the TCU to time out.

Any Suggestions?
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