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I guess it boils do to who you listen to. A number of people have spoken
about the many positive results since the bill has become law. Others on
the other side have their negative viewpoint.

As far as Obama is concerned; his comments are no different than anyone
else. His motive is to hope that someone will hear his point of view and hope
that view will influence the outcome in some way.

Personally I try very hard to avoid the health care system as much as I can.
Is it because of politics? No!!!! It's because I seriously don't want to get in an
endless loop of the healthcare system no matter how good or bad it is. Death
is going to win soon enough. No need for me to make bad living choices that
will lead to having to deal with a disconnected health system.
"What you hear in a great jazz band is the sound of democracy. “The jazz band works best when participation is shaped by intelligent communication.”
Harmony happens whenever different parts get to form a whole by means of congruity, concord, symetry, consistency, conformity, correspondence, agreement, accord, unity, consonance…….
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