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To update I am still getting the please wait message.

Using Navcoder I can see that the TCU is coded correctly, it has the correct vin, bluetooth is enabled and other settings look good.

There is still the red flashing light on the MID. However when I put in a New Zealand Sim car into the TCU (By opening it up) The red light no longer flashes. However the please wait message still remains.

I removed the NZ Sim as it made no difference and the flashing red light returned. If I remove the Sony Module from inside the TCU (Modcule which the Sim car is insterted and the GSM antena is connected) the red light will stay solid.

I coded the TCU with SSS Progman V32. It codes successfully and I have attempted to recode several times.

HOWEVER: When I first installed the TCU it had the message Activate phone, however I would not detect the bluetoothsignal. I was advised that I should code the TCU to the car. Which I did. Ever since it has said "Please Wait".

I attempted to download an use the V38 SP-Daten files for SSS Progman, however I cannot select the TCU to code so I reverted back to the V32 files to try again.

I then also tred to recode using disv44, this again was successful but didnt change the please wait problem.

INPA can see the TCU, I can change settings. But all I get is "Please Wait"

The are no errors in memory.

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