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The xDrive28i consumes 10,4 l/100km (22,6 US mpg) in the urban cycle and 7,9 l/100km (29,8 US mpg) combined. Compare that to the xDrive23d: 7,8 l/100km and 6,3 l/100km (30,1 US mpg and 37,3 respectively). Both figures are for the automatic trans, 8-speed and 6-speeds respectively. There is no sDrive28i for Europe.

Theoretically with the diesel, you could get +/- 1000km (or about 600 miles) to one tank. That's stellar and ideal for folks like me who do a fair amount of highway driving in the (sort of big) state of North Carolina. My X3 is fine for what it is but filling up every 375miles (tops) or so is real annoying!
2014 Mazda 3 GT: Consumption: (click for details)
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