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Originally Posted by SlickGT1 View Post
Cool stuff dude. So is it much better? Wow is your car all in dust. Holy crap. Is that normal for where you live? I have never seen that. I mean, I never wash my engine, but it looks new compared to yours. I can see how that knuckle would get owned.

How about you put some sort of boot over the knuckle? I can only see it messing up again.
O yes SlickGT1, my steering wheel is much better now.

Sandstorm is a common show here in Saudi Arabia, this is one

I don't think it's practical to put a cover over the knuckle. Just think about filters

Originally Posted by petener999 View Post
Great job, buddy! Now, all you need is to wash your engine compartments to look like the rest of the body...
I think I'll wash it up dear, but this won't help much! In less than a month dust would pile up again.

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