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Originally Posted by dinan e39 View Post
beautiful car, just not feeling the carbon fiber trim. to each his/her own.
Yea it's cool. The beauty of the DI-NOC is that you can just peel it off if you get sick of it

Originally Posted by relentlessone View Post
Thanks for posting sockethead, it looks great. I have been contemplating putting black grills on my Lemans, but wasn't sure how it would look. I might try color matched surrounds with black slats though.

Are the black grills and vents you bought OEM? The ebay ones are tempting at $50.
I was feeling the same way but my GF really wanted them. I have to admit, they really change the look of it for the better IMHO. The only thing that isn't black on this model is the grilles and the hood vents. Changing to black really ties everything together.

If you do the color matched, please post a pic. I'd like to see hoe that looks.

The grilles came from Bimmian and the hood vents are BMW OEM off of ebay. The hood vents were really hard to find...

Slick, to be honest, the Bimmian grilles didn't fit that well either. I had to use hot glue along the bottom of both sides to get them to stay in. We'll see whether that makes it through the summer heat...

I've heard of some people having success with Plasti Dip...
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