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Originally Posted by paulgt3 View Post
Great post Socket. I just sold my 4.8iS to my son and bought the 2011 X5M. Its amazing how good that 2006 looks even compared to the new one. He put the black gills on his and it looks great. on the LeMans Blue? OUTSTANDING. Where did you get the carbon? his steering wheel is dinged and needs a change.
He paid THIRTY DOLLARS for his gills. I dont know where tho.
Thanks, yea we are really happy with it. I put the last strut in last light which was extreemly easy to do so now the air susupension is fully refreshed. My GF loves the color that's the reason we got this particuar one.

I got the DI-NOC from Bimmian. It is a 3M product... not sure if it's that latest as
LeMansX5 said. you can order it in various sizes and they have an installtion video which shows how to wrap an X5 steering wheel. I'd order enough to allow for at least one screw up.... I had to do my console twice
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