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Originally Posted by 1stE53 View Post
I came here because this is by far the best place to get answers for BMW! My cousin and I have tried twice to replace his front rotors and pads. I ordered pads only to discover they were too large. Long store short I was promised that by ordering the larger rotors that everything would fit perfectly. I got the caliper bracket off only to find the larger rotors would not allow the bracket to be put back on!!! The dealership fed me this incorrect information. They said they don't even stock the smaller rotors and pads!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The vehicle was build in October 2006 and is a 2007 mode.
thank you.
So what was the answer you were looking for? I'm just confused. Are you looking for us to say"Take them back", or "Modify the bracket", or you want information on how to contact BMW NA about this problem?

I am going to take a guess and assume you just want the brake problem fixed. I am surprised the dealer didn't have the right parts. In any case, I would return the parts. Go to, pull the P/N and write them down and take it to the dealership. See if they come back with something different. Otherwise, do a cross reference with autohausaz and try to get the parts from there.
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