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Originally Posted by nash View Post
Thanks for your input rb0135.

I am going to have a good listen when I get back home tomorrow. I will listen out for the gear slipping described in many of the posts that I have searched and what you have mentioned.

I have a feeling that it must be this but I have read posts where it has turned out to be the clutches in the transfer box, so you never know.

I think I remember my mate mentioning, when checking with the diagnostics tool, that the steering angle sensor code did appear. We cleared all the codes and then upon restarting the same transfer case code reappeared immediately, the steering angle one did not, however I did not drive the car after this. I will drive the car again and then recheck what codes reappear.
Usually the code will appear straight away as when starting (or turning the key to pos2), the actuator goes through a reset position and if it finds the same fault, then the codes (and lights) will be thrown straight away. Mine did anyway..

Remember if you change the actuator yourself, you really need to be able to run the reprograming of the controller. This is usually done through DIS/GT1 as you need to clear out the "learnt" codes from the old unit plus the unit has a resistor pack that the controller computer needs to be reset for. People say they didnt need to do the repair function, but, you do have to. I didnt have time to do my actuator, my indy did it, and only did part of the programming. The car was still running strange, so I hooked my DIS/GT1 up, ran the Repair program, heard the actuator go through a series of movements, cleared the learnt min/max values and completed ok. Took it straight away for a drive and it was so much different to before it was re-programmed.
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