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Originally Posted by GreyMatter View Post
Thanks, I looked into my upgrade options and personally don't think spending the money to get an entire MK4 system (excluding the screen) is worth it. For $100 I would do it
So would every one mate.

but most of the used ones I see for sale people are asking $500-600 for what amounts to a 10 year old navigation system.
True, but it is a newer Gen navigation system and has loads of features over the mk3.

For $875 I can get a Dynavin Android which is far superior to an MK4 system and will still maintain the OEM look.
"Far superior" !!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I don't think so mate, its cheap Chinese crap, it's build with the cheapest components at a cost, it has an awful slow, bug ridden GUI and half the "features" don't work, forget the OEM cd changer interface and the BT phone interface, they are shocking, no caller ID, signal dropouts, and crap connection issues, the ipod interface is a joke.

It has a mickey mouse GUI that looks like a 4 year old using crayon's has been let loose on it.

Sure it looks good on paper, but the actual item is utter rubbish.
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