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Originally Posted by Clockwork View Post
Hi guys. so I've tried doing research on this for about a year now and I have not been able to find a definitive yes or no so I'm going to ask you all... Can the Nav head unit be installed into the deck and be used without having to install the navigation system in the rear?
nope. TV tuner or GPS does the image generation. The BMBT is just a monitor, keyboard, tap/CD mechanism. You can swap the nav drive for a TV tuner though. You'll deffo need the TV tuner for the reverse in. Note the TV tuner graphics are 8 bit.

Originally Posted by Clockwork View Post
Also, am I correct in saying that all Nav HU's have the DSP capability. Its the rest of the stereo that determinies if the DSP is an option, correct?
You need the DSP amp in the system, then DSP settings become an option on the BMBT.

Originally Posted by Clockwork View Post
If I buy a Nav HU do I have to worry about some not having the DSP, as my X5 currently DOES have it and I do not want to loose it.
If DSP is on the iBus, it appears on the BMBT menu. EDIT: Not sure how the 8 bit TV tuner handles DSP images. Google images would be your friend there.

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