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Originally Posted by AZX54.4 View Post
Great write up!! I just got my arnott replacements yesterday. I couldn't find any discount codes, oh well. How does the bottom of the air strut go into the A arm. Is there anything holding it in or is it just held in by compression?
If you look in my 7th photo, you'll see a hole that the bottom of the air spring fits into. This hole has a notch in one side which you need to make sure you get lined up right, otherwise you will not be able to get the clip on underneath. It is pretty easy to move everything around until it drops into place, just remember to take the cap (or whatever you are using to protect the hose connection on the top of the air spring) off first, otherwise you will not be able to expand the air spring down to meet the A arm. The clip underneath goes on much easier than it comes off.

Also, make sure you fit the top of the air spring with its clips before you attempt to do the bottom.


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