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Originally Posted by TerminatorX5 View Post
It seems that it will work. I suspect that the seller will not be on ebay much longer as the BMW will crack down on the sales of their copyrighted material.
I have not tweaked the DVD files, as I had the original ones, albeit used ones that i got off the ebay - and I could not tweak the originals.

On the other hand, I wish I could use "aftermarket" maps in the BMW DVD nav, as when I was in Latin America, my nav was useless without the maps, just the sat coordinates, which did not mean much to me - after all, I am not in the open sea... lol... From the pictures of your seller, it looks like the BMW is using TOMTOM maps... which gives me hope that not all lost - my euro maps are dated 2003 and the US maps dated 2009...
I doubt BMW will crack down on anything. There are like a million of these guys out there. Funny as hell. Plus I personally found like 10 torrent sites that say you can download all this too. I am not even surprised.

I am just completely brain fried after reading most of this forum. I finally downloaded all the Poison, navtweak, navspeak software, v32 OS, and going to try messing with it. I figure I need to try this, because just reading it, is not getting me anywhere. The guys on here have made some amazing stuff. Like Camera and speed trap locations.

I just need someone to hold my hand a little so that I don't mess something up hard core.
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