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Outside Moscow, a US $20 bill, without even talking will get the foockin gaishnik to turn around without a word. In Moscow, he might rob you, arrest you, and kick your ass. There is an old joke.

A cop goes to the captain, tells him I need to make some overtime. My daughter is getting married, and I need extra money. The captain tells him that he will give him a stop sign on some street for a month. That should cover all of his expenses.

Yea I bought the DVDs. I don't know what else to do really. I don't want to pull the ones out of my car to mess with, as they are 2007 release. So no point in messing with those. These should be good.

All I need to figure out now, is how to update the OS to v32 poison that I downloaded with the camera and cop stuff. I'll keep it updated, and hopefully help others who are as lost as I am.
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"The older we grow the greater becomes our wonder at how much ignorance one can contain without bursting one's clothes." - Mark Twain

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