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Originally Posted by relentlessone View Post

I agree, this was a much better direction than my original one. There are just so few options for mounting a 7" GPS on the dash, that I was willing to sacrifice the vents at first. After staring at the never-used CD player, I came up with this. And because of the process, this took days instead of months. I can't count the hours that went into building, sanding and sculpting a mold for vacuum forming that never worked out. It all worked out though, and it is 100% reversible.

The viewing angle is very good, it is in line with the radio, and tilted slightly backward. Ideally, it could be angled toward the driver a little more, but in my opinion that would have affected the overall look in a negative way, it wouldn't be symmetrical, and I might have had clearance issues with the vents. I'll take more photos from different angles to better illustrate what I mean.

Power is pulled from a fused connection to the positive terminal in the engine bay, and goes through a relay that is tripped by the accessory wire in the back of the CD player. That connects to a hidden cigarette lighter socket behind the dash that the GPS power supply plugs into. The unit comes on and goes off with the key in the ignition.

Slick, very slick indeed.
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