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if your average consumption showed by BC seems to be far away from your real consumption then you have option to adjust coefficient called KVBR used for average calculation in hidden menu of BC.

for example if BC is showing average consumption 8.5 l/ 100 km and real consumption measured from full tank to empty tank against driven km/miles is calculated like 9,8 l/ 100 km

I was checking real consumption few times just to be sure that I am correct before doing some changes in hidden menu of BC.

formula for correction of KVBR coefficient :

KVBR from company setting: 1000 value

real consumption x KVBR / showed consumption = correction of KVBR

in figures: 9,8 l x 1000 / 8,4 = 1166
new setting of KVBR coefficient = 1166

Here you are guide how to do adjusting of KVBR - coefficient for adjusting of calculation of average consumption

this is valid also for 3er E46,5er E39 with small or no BC

1/ turn on key to pos. 1 - not start engine !

2/ press left button to reset the daily odometer and hold for about 5 seconds, it will jump to Menu 1 (Menu = menu or test). The LED display shows tESt 01

3/ to press the left button until the menu appears on the 19th

You need to press button quickly without long delay, otherwise it remains in Menu 1 and you have to repeat the procedure from the beginning.

when we have a set menu 19, the entry will change to L_oFF and L-on, corresponding to ON Lock and Lock Off. Once the display shows L_oFF, press the left button and the rest are previously blocked Menu enabled.

Menus 1 and 2 are always unlocked and accessible, tests are normally blocked by 3-18 ------- To access them, we must first unlock the Menu 19, otherwise the display will show only ------ -.

5/ when you do everything correctly and unlocking is done, it will automatically jump to Menu 0 and thus we know that all menus are accessible. You can press button to scroll through menu 1-21. If you stop at a menu, it means that the menu was selected.

Now, you can move freely and to obtain information that we are interested in, even after the engine starts and during the ride. Only after the ignition is off is always necessary to repeat the initial procedure,

example how to work inside menu (i am sure almost all of you guys know how to work with, but I kept it here just for sure)

Menu Example 7:
Push the button until the display 7, and wait a moment.
After a while BC jumps to the submenu of Menu 7 in this example, 7.0
You can use the left button to change a single submenu
When we get to double press Menu 7.3, which displays the current speed.

To exit this submenu we hold the left button for about 3 seconds, so we will get back to the main menu. Overview of data that each Menu (menu) provide can be found below.
important is to unlock in Menu 19 also other Menus. Then in Menu 20 in the sub-menu 20.3 edit and save the new value. The coefficient is entered by pressing the left button only (the value is changed automatically). Press to save the new value into memory. If your ratio is calculated like 1150, and on display are numbers like 1200, 1000, 900, so far away from your calculated rate, you have to go to 20.1 or 20.2 submenu wait a while to start the countdown in any of submenu and then leave the vehicle because in few seconds car will explode, hey what I write, then you have to go back to the submenu 20.3 and you'll be able to choose a ratio that is as close as possible to one you have calculated.

I did this procedure for me and it works very well for me so BC is not laying to me anymore

E53 3.0d 2002
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