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Color versus monochrome is two entirely different display types. What you have is something else...

It appears that the unit has a massively customized OS that changed the display colors as well as the splash screen. If you downgrade and then restore the OS to the current unmodified version, it will be totally normal. You will lose the splash screen. However, if it is only using grayscale, then it is degraded anyway.

The other possibility is that it is coded for monochrome, and and the seller created a customized OS disk that tricked the nav computer to load the color (his modified version) instead. If that is the case, then if you do a downgrade/upgrade, it will restore to monochrome and be inoperable until you get NavCoder.

For that reason, I recommend that you get NavCoder setup and see how it is coded. It would not hurt to re-code it anyway to all of your settings. Then when you reload the OS, it will be factory perfect.
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