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Hey what's up everybody? I'm Diggs & I call my 2001 X5 Brawn. Sorry I didnt join earlier Ricky B, I had no recent pics.

When I was car shopping & found my X in 2008, I'd been cross shopping 5 series wagons, Audi Allroads, A4 & A6 Avants, and even Cadillac CTSs (all manual trannys). I'd just bought my first home the year b4 & I needed something that was less than $20k, sporty, and offered some utility as well. I found my X5 2 hours/100 miles away thru in Allentown PA.

It actually needed ALOT of work but the combination of low mileage (68k on a 7 year old car), rare transmission, color, plus the body kit had me sold. I paid $15500, left my Prelude parked on the street for myself and a friend to retrieve after the weekend, and drove it back to NYC the very first day I saw it.

It has 121k miles currently & is currently in excellent condition. Come May Im hoping 2b shopping for an X6 so if anybody knows anyone who may be interested in it let me know. As I have yet to find a current vehicle on the market that offers the styling, pedigree, panache, utility, AND a manual transmission, I've finally conceded to getting an automatic (I don't care for the Cayenne S that comes with a manual & the Cayenne GTS that comes in a stick is currently out of my price range).

Anyway, thx4 the invite to the club Ricky B! Add me to the growing list!

(ugh, drove thru paint!)
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2001 X5 3.0 manual with factory widebody kit

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