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Originally Posted by TerminatorX5 View Post
Sorry for resurrecting this old post, but it seems to be a very interesting point about the BM53 radio that might(!) support the TMC.

Since the last post in 2006, it seems that a lot water went under the bridge and the US now may have the TMC broadcast on various radiostations stateside.

I am wondering about the details of this particular hardware setup that has been used here - up to this point it has been accepted that the BM53 will support the Sirius and the ID3 tags and whatnot (in latest firmware) but will NOT support the TMC, and the BM54 will not support Sirius but will support the TMC.

From your post it is evident, that BM53 is supporting the TMC - can you elaborate on this a little bit more?

hoping that you remember the set up, as the chances that you still have the same car are slim to none... lol...

Hi - I do indeed have the same X3 and it is running just fine !

To be honnest TMC broadcasts in the UK are rarely useful - they're always out of date in my experience and I tend to ignore them and stick to the normal route. Later X3's have a dual tuner radio for sat that continued to monitor TMC broadcasts even while you're listening to another radio station.
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