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[QUOTE=TerminatorX5;891048]you would need some obvious things:

mike to go in the overhead console (got pic? can i buy from bmw?)
BT antenna, to go in the trunk area (got pic? can i buy from bmw?)
probably a snap-on cradle that goes into the central console, with a pairing button (dont need one, i just need simple bluetooth call & answer)
depending on your car's set-up, you might or might not need a Voice Recognition bypass module that plugs in in place of the VR - I forgot the part number. (Again, don't need this unless i HAVE to, just want simple BT call & answer)

Even the snap on cradle can be bypassed depending on the year and the setup of the car.

you sure need a mike, and you sure need a BT antenna. Mike may already have been fitted to the car, if you had BMW ASSIST, or if the SOS service... (pic?)

BT antenna - no way around it, you need that one, so you can pair the BT module to the phone...(Pic? Can i buy from bmw?)

The module that you are looking at seems to be around 10th or 11th generation or even might be of a later vintage... it also should have built in VR... depending on how many antenna inputs it has, it could be strictly BT, or BT with ASSIST, orm heaven forbid, it could be just ASSIST and NO bluetooth at all. (this module might belong to a newer x5 .... so might not work for my application at all )

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