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Everyone's expectations of fuel consumption and emissions are different. The 28i is acceptably frugal but my next vehicle ideally should consume less than 5 l/100km (47 US mpg) on the highway and 7 l/100km (33,6 US mpg) in the urban cycle, as well as emit less than 160 g CO/km. I have stringent expectations of what "good fuel consumption" is and my current X3 attains 8,5 l/100km on the freeway.

The X1 xDrive28i attains roughly 10l/100km in urban and roughly 7l/100km on mixed freeway driving, which just isn't good enough. And like I said, it's too small. I may test drive a top-spec Tiguan this weekend just for comparisons sake, although it too isn't currently available as a diesel. However, VW seems more committed to diesels than BMW. And really, I'm still leaning towards a Golf TDI although that doesn't really go off-road.
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