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Originally Posted by Ldiggs910 View Post
Thanks Ricky B! I was wondering if any of u have the persistent trouble of replacing the handbrake mechanism? I've replaced mine twice already & I'm in need of another one now. What happens is the gear teeth strip rite at the place of engagement. So when I put the brake on either the truck will still roll when parked even on a slight incline or I have to use monster strength to pull the handbrake up far enough to make it lock. Has this happened to anyone else here? I'd imagine those who have slushboxes rarely experience this because who really uses the e-brake on an automatic car?
We felt the same way and had ours adjusted twice before we gave up.. though we never broke it, word is that 4 clicks is all there is, more clicks is -bad-. Only thing I've heard is to adjust or replace the parts at the wheel, which seems to solve the problem. We did not and simply don't park on our driveway any more, as four clicks -might- keep him in place, but... lol.

edit, ours is Non-sport, if that makes a diff (17" & smaller brakes)
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