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It's not even about having the option to disable it. It is the fact that the car is so far from what an M car used to be that BMW felt they needed to boost the exhaust note artifically instead of just giving it a better exhaust. Don't get me wrong, this car is going to be faster than the e60 in every single way, but with every new generation the M cars are loosing a little personality and it is sad.

I remember seeing a Car & Driver comparo a few months back between the E63, S6 and the new M5. They ranked the M5 last. That's right, last. Even more sad for BMW was that they said they praised the Merc's chassis more than the M5. The vastly underpowered S6 won the comparison by the way.

I just saw another comparo where the A7 beat out the 640i grand coupe.

I know it is not just about these magazine comparison, but BMW is getting beat more and more. I know the competition is getting better, but BMW has lost their way a bit, imo. Maybe it will take Audi topping them in total sales for BMW to regroup and get back to basics. I wish BMW would worrly less about cars like the 3 and 5 series GT's, X4, X6, etc. pay more attention to what made them the best sport sedan manufacturer in the first place.
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