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How cool; a registry for three-pedal X5's! I've already done the intro thing (here) but I might as well add mine to the list also. It's a 2001 3.0/5-speed with the sport package.

Since bringing it home a couple weeks ago I've narrowed down a few issues with the rear end; subframe bushings are toast (will be replaced soon) and the rear wheels have out-of-spec camber & toe, so I'll be replacing the wear items back there and have it aligned. One thing that I'm still researching is the shifter; when in neutral, instead of finding "home" between 3rd & 4th it tends to swing over toward 5th. Not a huge issue but it sometimes results in inadvertent 2nd to 5th shifts. I'm thinking maybe some of the bushings in the shifter are worn, but...

More photos (stolen from the CL ad) are here.

I didn't read this whole thread, but was surprised to see that there were 6-speed X5s; were they six- or eight-cylinder cars?
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