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Splash Screen Question

I downloaded this v32 firmware BMW Navigation OS - v32 (Night Mode, Camera Alerts, M Logo) from here, but for some reason I can't edit the splash screen.

I was able to modify a bone stock copy of v32 to include the splash I want, but I can't modify the copy above.

The bone stock copy is a .ISO, whereas the hacked version is a .bin, .cue, and .toc. Both copies load successfully, but as soon as I try to modify the hacked version, it becomes unreadable by my nav (2005 M3 MKIV nav).

What I've been trying is writing the firmware to a CD, then copying the files off the CD to a new folder, modifying the navboot file with the splash I want, then re-compiling to a .ISO or .bin and .cue and ripping to a CD. For some reason, as soon as I do this, it can't be read.

Any ideas? Is there a 'correct' way to modify the .bin, .cue, .toc version of the firmware?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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