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thank you dave...

as they say, don't bring knife to the gunfight... mitt is good but right now is not his time... obama is ok, and we need to have him bring the country back to the center - 8 years of bush have taken us so far to the right that we have become too much leftist - the patriot act alone has brought the US into worse situation than the 9/11 attack itself... i serve in the federal law enforcement establishment and i totally like the ability to monitor every camera that we have at our posts but i am first of all a US citizen, and i can see how the civil liberties are being taken away from us... the country needs to come back to its senses, and needs to steer back into center... mitt will take us into an uncontrolled spin, and we are coming out of Bush spin just about now...
later, when we are ok, then mitt, or someone like that will be ok for the economy...
and, i would propose an 8 year single term for the president, so they do not become lame ducks in the middle of whatever they are doing... i would also limit the money - money is the main culprit in any of the elections that we are having... if a candidate spends a dollar, his opponent can't spend more than a dollar... well... it will never happen...

just needed to vent...
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