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Catherine Austin Fitts...Fiscal Cliff 2013?

Hmmm, original link site deleted the content. Here's the article picked up by Infowars....

"Catherine says we are given a choice in November between a Goldman Sachs Monsanto man of the Left and a Goldman Sachs Monsanto man of the Right. What we need to do is to have an alternative press tell them No to the Fiscal Cliff. Return the stolen money. I have written of a plan to get control of the broadcast media designed for times like these. It is listed in the Notes below.
I have said we are going into Martial Law soon after the elections no matter who is elected in November. I also said that we need the military which does have access to those secret weapons to side with us. I have also said it would be a lot easier for the US military to invade Lichtenstein and the Cayman Islands to make sure that stolen money is returned than to launch WW III in the Persian Gulf to keep the price of oil high."
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