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Hey folks,

My 2 cents. I have a 2005 4.4 with approx. 85k. I had similar problems (ABS, Trans fail, DSC . . . ) lights on when driving with traffic and no traffic - tranmission seemed like it totally shut down. It happened a couple of time last year then went away . . . until a few weeks ago. It happened everyweek no matter what I did.

Initially I thought it could be a tranmission problem and then search this forum and got tons of great information (possible causes - alternator/batery, ABS module or transfer case module). Checked the battery (was good), checked the alternator/votage (was good - 14.+ range - no spikes). Very frustrated at this point. It finally got to a point where it happend everytime I tried driving.

I found an Indy in my area that was a BWM specialist and had them check and clear the error codes - we wanted to create a baseline. Once cleared, drove the X5 off and headed home - BAM! - same crap again. Headed back to the Indy the next day (this time no issues - maybe the error codes cleared themselves) and had them check and clear the code again. We compared the inital read with the second and notice "votage" issues listed in a couple of areas on both reads. They decided to hook up a votage reader to the X and drove it around for the day. Some issues appeared and they noticed a spike (17+ - this is not as much as I have read others received when they had similar issues but it was a spike nontheless).

I had them clear the codes again and took the car home - no errors during the drive home. Next day I purchased a new alternator and replaced the old unit. I haven't had this issue since. This has been 4 weeks now and the Indy and I are confident it was the alternator.

Unfortunately today my battery died (7 years old) so off to O'reilly auto parts.

Best of luck.
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