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Originally Posted by JCL View Post

If you are going to quote statistics, please at least read them first. You appear to have only read the headline, which said that the UK has more violent crime, and then decided that was the whole story. But your own link contains these data points:
  • In Britain, the figures include fights between two individuals, which are termed violent crimes. The other country statistics don't include those incidents.
  • Degree of violence varies. While the UK ranks above South Africa for violent crime according to the way those statistics were compiled, South Africans suffer more than 20,000 murders each year, while Britain had 921 murders in 2007
You really need to read your own links, and use some critical thinking to connect the dots. Why not compare UK murders to the number of murders in the US? If one relied on that statistic, one could conclude that the lack of guns in the UK is a causal factor in the greatly reduced murder rate vs the US. Certainly not the only factor, but it is hard to have gun violence when there aren't guns around.

I do agree that there are crime problems in the UK. Of all the countries I have lived in, it is the only one where I experienced a home robbery. We lost a stereo, a TV, jewelry, and so on. It was all replaced and covered by insurance. And there was no threat of anyone being shot, on either side. There simply weren't any guns involved. So there is crime, yes. Perhaps it is related to income disparity, I am not sure. But I am pretty sure that the royal family didn't have any bearing on it happening or not.

You know, we've had a pretty civil discussion concerning such an emotional issue. And, now you're resorting to personal attacks in an attempt to belittle me. My lack of "critical thinking" according and "I must only read headlines". Please refrain...don't let this happen again.

I didn't define violent crime. I posted a couple of links to show all is not rosy in the UK...banned guns...and they still have serious issues with violent crime. If I was posting a story about MURDERS...then I would've. Your definition of violent may be different than mine and others.

There's this one out of India that hit this morning...

Indian Women Turn to Guns After Gang Rape Outcry Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

Guns and proper training are an equalizer against violent predators...shouldn't everyone have the right to defend themselves?
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