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X5 Wheels on an X3......revisited.....

Originally Posted by jaaX3
Keep us updated I'm looking into X5 rims as well.
OK, so here's the deal: X5 wheels WILL fit an X3. The offset, however, has to be within the allowable range for the X3 which is +38 to +51, and if a larger diameter is used, low profile tyres are recommended, of course.
During this adventure to find the answer to this pressing question, my baby became intimately acquainted with an inappropriately placed wooden pole in the parking lot of the restaurant at which we had brunch.....WHAT A BUMMER!!!! The stealer quoted me an approximate repair cost of $650, but I have a feeling it'll be WAAAAAY more than that as I have PDC and those frickin' headlight washers. According to, the part alone tops $1,000. CRAP!!!!
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