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I think it's great that Terry has begun working on this platform. I'm positive he won't disappoint. I saw something he wrote a few days ago and it sounds like there is sufficient demand to begin testing the next stage of this product. No timeline on possible release though...

Although the S63 is similar to the N63, I'm pretty sure the gains will not be the same given the different turbos, max boost, etc. on this engine. I don't want to speculate, but it feels like more than 25hp and 40TQ.

Yes, there are many options out there for this engine with much bigger gains, but all of them (except Hartge & Kelleners) are flash tunes which may or may not result in a voided warranty.

For the very small investment on the JB Stage 1 you definitely should try it out for yourself. Easy to install/remove and very noticeable improvement.
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