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Hey guys, haven't disappeared, just waited until I had some definitive news...

So I finally got the car back on January 16th. They brought in a "master" X5 tecnician from BMW NA that I had to meet at the dealer on January 8th. Nice, smart guy. He found air in the coolant system which explains the whole 16 min. cavitation sound I heard last time I had it home. This botched coolant bleed, which was because of the previous coolant hose replacement, cost an extra 36 days in the dealer. The dealer also replaced the fan housing, alternator, some bulkhead trim and NAV/CIC head unit and updated the maps to 2013 (because CIC died while in the dealership) per his recommendation. Full detail (which is the best detail job I've ever seen period) and full tank of gas, which of course was only at a quarter tank when I got there because they only had 36 days to prepare... anyway, they called all this "goodwill". I consider the map update, detail job and eventual topping off of the tank goodwill or at least descent, but nothing else.

So, my "offer" after 69 days in the dealership... 3 payments. Great, thanks. Keep in mind I've been paying for the car while driving a loaner for 69 days as well. No buyback which doesn't surprise me, no trade assist which does surprise me for a guy that's had a few BMW's before this one. No CPO, no offer to help on extended warranty, etc. Master technician asked if it was CPO'd while we were driving around so he hinted at it, and he did mention to me they'd like to send me with two passes to the whole X5 plant & track experience in Greer, SC which would be really cool.

But all that is not to be... I had until today to accept the 3 payment offer, which I of course did not. I faxed all the paperwork to a lemon law/breach of warranty attorney last week as a precaution, today they called and confirmed they would take the case as a breach of warranty and I told them to proceed. Likely outcome will be a cash settlement in a couple months of some sort, whatever, I don't have to pay attorney fees as they build that into the settlement.

I didn't want to do that or it to get to this, not my style at all. I've been driving BMW's since I could afford one and have driven the X5 model for 10 years total so I'm a fan. But dealing with my "advocate" at BMW NA was a horrible experience as a consumer. Not that she was a bad person, but she wasn't a decision maker and could only pass on information. And the most frustrating part was I never knew who I was dealing with or getting answers from, whether it be technicians, the dealership or BMW NA. I believe it was the dealer making the call as they asked for my loan payment information to reimburse the 3 payments (which I did not give), but I'm still not sure. The master tech that made the X5 Plant & Driving experience gesture works for BMW NA. They never put it all together for me. I like my SA at the dealer and the techs are nice guys at least to your face, but other than that screw that place.

I'm sure this confusion is all by design, but if any decision maker(s) would have just sat down or talked with me for 5 min. we could have likely negotiated and worked it out without much issue. Instead this was all just time, stress and pissed me off when I was very cordial to them through this entire process. IMHO, it shows your character/true colors when s**t doesn't go as planned and you have answer to it, and in that respect their response has been a giant middle finger.

So, back to the original point about the process... it sucks, I don't recommend it as many have eluded to in the past.
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