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I agree with iMpower. I have the full leather and ventilated seats and although it just blows fans to circulate the air in the seats, I do notice that it's a bit warmer when I don't have them on. Personally, I turn on the ventilated seats pretty much every time I get in the car. It's just another button to push, like M mode on the steering wheel and the brake "hold" button, which I also use every time so turning them on becomes habit and I don't even think about it.

Also, I think a $100K car of this caliber should have full leather. It's especially noticeable if your interior color choice is not black. I have the Silverstone interior and I love how the leather extends all the way down to the lower parts of the dash and almost the entire door is covered in the Silverstone leather as well. If you've never been in car with full leather interior (S600, 750iL, 911's, Aston Martin, even M5/M6, etc), then you really won't know what you're missing. But, if you have been in one or have one with it, then it makes the standard interior on X5M look kinda cheap. I do wish BMW would add the alcantara headliner or at least offer it as an option. Maybe on the next model!
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