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Originally Posted by BrianX54.4is View Post
If I understand you correctly - your passenger door lock will not unlock electrically? The door pin does not pop up on this door when you unlock the central locking?
Can you use a thin sharp tool to try pry up the plastic door pin to manually unlock the door? If this works then you can change out the actuator.
Yes that is correct - and my local Indy was not or was not willing to attempt the panel removal as he feared damaging it. I then scheduled an appointment with the local BMW dealer. But continued to research alternatives, when another post mentioned a body shop! A good friend has a large body shop business, so I discussed the problem with him, canceled my BMW appointment and brought there today. His tech had the door panel off in 20 minutes with no damage! Unfortunately I was unable to see how he did it. He them replaced the actuator and I was on my way I spent about 3 hours there, much was while we waited for the actuator delivery.

So in cases like mine where the actuator isn't working and the door won't open from inside or out and the lock button remains down the door panel must be removed with the door closed and, at least in my 2003 it is possible!
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