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2003 330ci vert navigation screen flickers, usually dark

Hope someone's seen this before. My 2003 330Ci convertible navigation screen spends most of the time dark & flickering, while the radio and related controls work as expected (e.g., power, change pre-set stations, bands, etc.). Every once in a while the screen lights up and after a couple of moments for the satellites to be located (seems to indicate a powering-up of the nav computer), all is well until the screen goes dark and flickers again. Warmer weather seems to favor more useful (powered-on) time for the navigation. See my post of a video for exact behavior.

BMW330ci Nav Issue - YouTube

Any helpful ideas MOST welcome. Thank you in advance.

at 56 seconds or so you see the screen go dark and flicker... about 15 secs later it comes on again briefly showing the intermittent nature of the issue. At 3:00 display comes on again briefly; total coincidence that I turned up radio volume at that same moment. Radio works fine with screen dark and flickering...
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