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Thank you for the info. My map version is quite old and I didn't realize an update disc is so inexpensive. I assume many of the ebay ones are burned copies but on a 10 year old vehicle that makes much more sense than the hundreds of $$$ I saw for the BMW 2013.

Turns out the location issue has fixed itself for now. I ended up with a dead battery two days ago because I didn't fully shut the back gate leaving the courtesy lights on and draining the battery. After a jump and some time for the alternator to charge the battery all seems well. The Radio/GPS screen has now been turning on quick (second or two after start up) and GPS location and direction are accurate so far.

Once I confirm the alternator is function properly, should be fine since it's charged the dead battery after the jump, I'll see if the battery has aged out and needs to be replaced.

I think the GPS issue must have been either a slightly low battery or a loose connection?
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